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Team-Building Social Responsibility

Restore an orphanage in Lisbon!

Nb of participants : 20 to 150 Persons

Location : Portugal / Lisbon

mission solidaire, responsabilite sociale, lisbonne, orphelinat, groupe, team building, chantier, mission jardinage, bien être social, aide

Encourage and develop your team's relationships while contributing to the
social well-being


Through different works and splitting the resources, you will be the benefactors of a charity institution.

Painting, gardening, and many other bricolage are waiting for you. All together, you will share a great experience with the children from the institution!

We will supply the whole material required for this restoration. Working hard, you will help to improve the local conditions.

Here come some examples of what you may do:

Putting up shelves

Applying curtains

Walls' painting

Changing mirrors from the bathroom

On Lunch time, you will have a break and you will be invited to join the childrens' refectory.
Then, back to work!

At the end of the day, you will make your commemorative plate on the behalf of the kids. Cheers will be delivered to celebrate this useful day!

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