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Seminar at the heart of Lisbon celebrations

On the programme: sun, creativity and party!

Standing : 2 to 3 Day(s)

Nb of participants : 50 to 200 Persons

Location : Portugal / Lisbon

Lisbon celebrations: a unique tradition!

In June, Lisbon becomes another city... Indeed, to celebrate the 'Festas populares de Santo António', patron Saint of Lisbon, the capital transforms itself.
Parades, corteges, dances and shows punctuate these days of celebration through all the neighbourhoods.
It reaches its climax during the night of 12 to 13 june to commemorate the birth of Saint António.

The symbol of these celebration is the famous sardine!

We propose you to live these celebrations through a unique seminar in the city of the seven hills!

Day 1: Place of honour for team spirit and creativity!

Arrival and check-in at the Hotel 'Colinas' at the very heart of the historic city center.

Coffee break and working session

Traditional style lunch in a summer atmosphere!

Team Building: Create your own celebration with the colours of your company

We propose you a creative and festive activity! Create the 'Festas populares' of your company! As well as the Lisbon's celebration, each team will be in charge of some missions:


Creation of 'sardinhas'
Tradition during these celebrations, reveal your artist soul within your team to create the most amazing 'sardinha' and display it during the parade.
The most pleasant sardine will be chosen as the symbol of these celebrations.

Preparation of your parade, the 'marchas populares'
Teams will have to take care of their costumes, choreographies and even of their floats!
The parade will be organised during the dinner.

Decoration for the celebration
The decoration is one of the most important element for a successful celebration! Some teams will be in charged of your place of celebration. They will have to turn it into a unique place, 100% 'festa popular'

Preparation of the barbecue
Some teams will have an essential task: the preparation of the grill and the dinner.

It's time to party!
Thanks to the work of each team, everything will be set for a memorable evening! Our music band will lead you on the dance floor.
Let yourself be dragged by the music of the past and the present!

Day 2: Heading for the Atlantic coast!

Breakfast at the hotel on a sunny terrace.

Sampling of seafood and beach volley tournament on one of the most beautiful beach of Portugal!
After a night of party, the best way is to relax on a sandy beach!

Check-out and transfer to the airport

Lisbon and its traditions will no longer be a mystery to you!

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