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Next stop: Portugal > from Lisbon to Sintra

Under the attention of Vasco de Gama

Standing : 2 to 3 Day(s)

Nb of participants : 30 to 150 Persons

Location : Portugal / Lisbon

Why don't you come sailing in the stimulating ambiance of a convivial regatta ? We suggest you to discover Lisbon in a different way. The exceptional sailing area and the great professional skippers will make your regatta unforgettable

Welcome to Cascais and Sintra!

The Old Palace of the Dukes of Loulé welcomes you for your incentive program, combining elegance, sport, gastronomy and working sessions.

Challenge in sailboats Cascais-Lisbon

Convivial Regatta, Portugal, Lisbon, Cascais,

You'll have to analyse, anticipate, and perform as a team to win the race!

From the beautiful village of Cascais to the historic heart of Lisbon, you will sail along the coast, discovering all the maritime heritage of Portugal...

A closing cocktail and an excellent dinner will be waiting when you come back on land.

Jeep Rally 4X4 in Sintra

Jeep rally 4x4 Sintra Lisbon Portugal incentive Portugal Jeep rally team building team-building, teambuilding,

The next day, after a working session in the morning, our professional team will welcome you for a jeep safari in Sintra.

You will be given a road book, and off you go to Sintra with all sorts of puzzles to solve; on the way, you will stop for a picnic on a mountain top to keep your strength up. Then you will discover, between two green hills, the fabulous castles, vestiges of the past, and on the horizon the sea...

Afterwards there will be a wine tasting in one of the wine cellars of the area, and a prize will be given to the winning team.

Gala night in lisbon

In a setting between "land and sea", on the banks of the Tagus, you will be welcomed to a very original evening.
Superb cocktails, delicious food, conviviality, and music rising to a crescendo with the ambiance of the evening.


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