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Your Convention in Amsterdam

... a charming environment ...

Nb of participants : 100 to 1200 Persons

Location : Netherlands / Amsterdam

Amsterdam, also called the Venice of the North, in one of the most extraordinary showcase of the time, a city open to its past as well as its future, allying perfectly traditions and modernity.

Capital of the Netherlands, it is part of a country that has built its fortune on Oceans, a country that has managed to tame the sea ..

Dynamic, charming and welcoming, Amsterdam has a great capacity to organize conferences and seminars.

Why Amsterdam ?

Amsterdam is for many reasons, a particularly appropriate place to organise your convention:

Served by the Thalys from Paris Nord via Brussels, Amsterdam is also easily accessible by air through its international Schiphol Airport.

Competitive event spaces

Quality of the infrastructures in a charming environment

Amsterdam has a great variety of cultural and historical attractions for team activities or at your leisure during the free time. It also offers a variety of sporting activities

Amsterdam, its canals and unique atmosphere

Stratevent is a strong and reactive partner that could provide a global production of your events.


Choice of the venue
> Accommodation
> Catering
> Logistic support
> Hostesses
> Drivers / Transfers


Graphic creation
> Creation, edition of programs / menus
> Creation of informatics visuals
> Creation of a website to cover your event before, during and after it
> Presents / goodies
> Badges / Printing of menus
> Group pictures

Technical State Control

> Sound system
(HP / HF microphones / microphones ) cravates
> Video-projection 1600 to 8000 lumens
> Video-Projection 3D in relief

> Light ambiance
> Projectors
> Wall papers
> Visual theme

> Translators
> Cabins of translation / Helmets


> Moderator
> Journalist
> Lecturer

Original animations
> Artistic creation
> Theatrical improvisation
> Magicians
> Giant personalized fresco
> Photographers
> Cameramen

"Decoration / scenography"

> Signage
> Kakemonos / Banners
> Floral decoration
> Giant table

> Furniture
> Scene dressing
> Desks

The Agency

> Conception
> Coordination
> Negotiation and lobbying
> Implementation
> Check-list, planning, rooming list management
> Production follow-up
> Dinners out
> Visiting, tracking
> Relaxation activities

Your event ?

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