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Interactive Quizz evening

Team-building animation ...

Nb of participants : 50 to 150 Persons

Location : France / Paris

animation dinner paris

Let's be seduced by the so particular atmosphere of this hip private club of the Champs-Elysées.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a host. A reception desk will be installed at the entrance in order to welcome your guests and eventually leave a documentation on it. Cloakrooms will be at your disposal.

Aperitif Cocktail

welcome cocktail

A home-made punch will be served as soon as you arrive, accompanied with salty appetizers.

Dinning Cocktail & Interactive Quizz

team building quizz gala evening in paris france team quizz

During your dinning cocktail, we propose you to become the actors of an interactive quizz of the funniest and the most festive !

The Interactive Quizz is an entertaining activity, implying & favoring the Team Spirit. Indeed, the whole animation is organized around a play mode guarantying a high motivation of the participants.

The animation will start by a quick briefing during which the objective of the game and the rules will be defined.

The repartition in teams will be by drawing of lots : a coloured ticket will be given by our animators to each participant upon arrival. Please note you could form the teams beforehand.

The principle of our Interactive Quizz is articulated around questions - games appealing to diverse competencies of the candidates. Every members of a team will be able to participate. Our animators will provide each team a voting HF case.

A thrilling challenge with a projection on a white screen of audio & video clips, pictures,...then the animations about general themes and in a play way will start. We could also insert questions about your company.

Dancing Evening

animation dinner in Paris

Following your dinner & animations, our DJ will join the turntables and will make you dance on music hits all night long.

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